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The rules for Brawl are here.  The rules for Eternal Brawl add one big ol’ thing:

Instead of sets currently in Standard, your deck just needs to have been legal in Standard, whether the current one or one in the past.

So it’s Brawl in that it’s restricted to a historical Standard, but it’s Eternal in that it covers all of Standard history with legends in it (Fourth Edition forward) and your deck will never rotate.

That difference has been enough to attract the interest and support of several Magic people and places better known than me, like Card Kingdom, where I sometimes write about it, Shivam Bhatt (who’s the reason this site exists), Gavin Verhey (who is 1-0 in the format after beating me with my Momir Vig deck), Omar Hernandez, Martin ZimmermannBrian DeMars, Brian David-Marshall, and Channel Fireball.

This site has the research tools to build any Eternal Brawl deck you want.  The menu at the top of this page groups commanders by color identity.  On each color identity page, there’s a chronological list of separate formats and Scryfall links to every card eligible for your commander and chosen Standard format.  There’s also a Formats page that shows links to the available commanders in each format and a Deck Techs page for anytime I write about the format.  I have an Eternal Brawl deck for every historical Standard, so hit me up on Twitter at earthdyedred if you have any questions.

What’s banned?

Before Kaladesh, if a card was ever banned in Standard, it’s banned in Eternal Brawl, regardless of when it was banned.  (This might change as the format grows, but there are no plans to change it now, as the nature of the format keeps cards from becoming ubiquitous.)

Starting with Kaladesh, the Brawl banned list controls.

They’re listed with the color identity pages, but here they are by date of first printing:

Balance | Black Vise | Channel | Dream Halls
Earthcraft | Fluctuator | Ivory Tower
Land Tax | Lotus Petal
Memory Jar | Mind Over Matter | Mind Twist
Recurring Nightmare | Strip Mine
Tolarian Academy | Time Spiral
Windfall | Zuran Orb

Arcbound Ravager | Disciple of the Vault | Skullclamp
Artifact lands (Ancient Den/Seat of the Synod/Vault of Whispers/
Great Furnace/Tree of Tales/Darksteel Citadel)

Emrakul, the Promised End | Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Reflector Mage | Stoneforge Mystic

Baral, Chief of Compliance | Oko, Thief of Crowns | Smuggler's Copter | Sorcerous Spyglass

Each Scryfall link omits these cards, so you won’t make a mistake if you stick to the Scryfall link.

Hit me with a disclaimer!

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