Welcome to the Eternal Brawl!

When Wizards of the Coast announced Brawl as a new singleton format, a lot of people were:

  1. Interested in the gameplay;
  2. Not interested in it rotating like Standard; and
  3. Interested in playing Brawl in a way that let you pick your own Standard format.

In other words, they wanted Eternal Brawl – it’s Brawl in that it’s restricted to a historical Standard, but it’s Eternal in that it covers all of Standard history (which starts with Fourth Edition, so thankfully there are no original dual lands or Sol Rings or anything like that) and your deck will never rotate.

This site is the data you need to make that happen for any commander you fancy.  The menu at the top of this page groups commanders by color identity.  On each color identity page, there’s a chronological list of separate formats and Scryfall links to every card eligible for your commander and chosen Standard format.

Before Kaladesh, if a card was ever banned in Standard, it’s banned in Eternal Brawl, regardless of when it was banned. 

Starting with Kaladesh, the official banned list controls.

They’re listed with the color identity pages, but here they are grouped by letter:

Ancient Den | Arcbound Ravager

Balance | Baral, Chief of Compliance | Black Vise


Darksteel Citadel | Disciple of the Vault | Dream Halls

Earthcraft | Emrakul, the Promised End


Great Furnace

Ivory Tower

Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Land Tax | Lotus Petal

Memory Jar | Mind Over Matter | Mind Twist

Recurring Nightmare | Reflector Mage

Seat of the Synod | Skullclamp | Smuggler’s Copter | Sorcerous Spyglass | Stoneforge Mystic | Strip Mine

Tolarian Academy | Time Spiral | Tree of Tales

Vault of Whispers


Zuran Orb

Each Scryfall link makes sure not to include the banned cards for the particular color identity and format, so you won’t make a mistake if you stick to the Scryfall link.